Free Medical Weight Loss Book

A Free Medical Weight Loss Book Online

Welcome to the "Holland Diet" website. Currently this website is the home for my new weight loss book. The preliminary if boring title of the book is Scientific Weight Loss: Beyond the Cult of Calories. As I hope you'll see when you read on, the title's theme is reflected in the subject matter. The central thesis of the book and, in many ways, of my life's work, is that "calories count but you can't count calories". To put this cheeky statement another way, weight loss only occurs through caloric deficit but that deficit must be achieved by paying attention to what you eat and not how much you eat.

The book is unfinished and I am modifying it nearly daily. Some chapters end rather abruptly and, sad to say, at the moment the work has a number of typographical errors. I will attempt to correct these over time and hope not to make many new ones.

It is a fair question to ask why I would want to put an unfinished work out here on the web. The simple answer is that it is a necessary consequence of a busy bariatric practice. The printed material that I prepared for my patients ten years ago won't do. Too much science has passed since then and I needed a new work. Furthermore it won't do to tell people that "one of these days" I'll finish my new book. Finally, doing it this way saves trees and gives me an incentive to redouble my efforts and get this thing finished.

To you, the reader, good luck. I encourage lots of constructive feedback which you may send to me through the form below. If you are a patient (and ONLY if you are a patient) I am delighted to respond by Dr. Holland's email. If you aren't a patient, please understand the time constraints I face.

Mark J. Holland MD
January 22, 2012